10 Best Contact Apps for Android

 In the previous times everyone use to have an address book and a phone directory in which they use to write down manually all the details of their contacts either the cow workers, friends or the family members. Such system was quite successful without any doubt and was best suitable and compatible with the landline system. The landlines were in the houses and these address books and directories were also set aside them, whenever there was need to make a call or find the address of someone these things were accessed at that time. As the technology leaps forward and new modes of communication were introduced later on like the invention of cellular mobile phone and later the smartphones which are quite common nowadays, the use of these traditional directories almost wiped out totally. As now the people can store all the contacts details and information inside the phone book of their smartphones. Leaping more forward now there are numerous such apps being introduced in the market that automatically on their own manage the contacts of the users and make the accessing more quick and efficient. Best of contact apps are listed here.

Sync.ME – Caller ID & Block

Sync.ME – Caller ID & Block is solid kind contact managing and caller ID based identifying and monitoring app which let their users to be feel free of all inconvenience regarding the contacts and scam calls and texts as this app possess the mastery in dealing with all such problems and do it in a better and efficient way. The users can now manage easily and can categorize their contacts ids so that whenever they are needed they can easily sort out the stuff from these lists that are managed by the app. The app enables its users to block out the caller IDs and text based IDs that are spam or are from any third party and users don’t want to have them on their smartphones. The app already possess more than a million satisfied users from all around and is counting more and more with the passage of time. This all in one app let the users to report spam, look up contacts details, search from over a billion contact caller IDs from all around the globe and even enables its users to setup birthday reminders directly on the contacts details menus, so that they can never miss a single birthday for any of their friends, family member and loved ones. This amazing and astounding full of effective tools app is free of cost and can be simply downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.

Contacts +

Contact + is one of the world most demanded and most widely used contact managing, phonebook and quick on the go dialing app that provides stream less and smooth functionality to its users so that they can freely manage their contacts and all the detailed stuff related to their contacts. The app is developed and proposed under the flag of Contacts Plus team and is quite famous among the people all around the world. The app already has more than 10 million users from almost every part of the world and is still counting more and more with the passage of time. The app provides various exciting and pure quality based features to the users including the facility of protecting and hiding the secret contacts. Via this very options the users of this app can mark their contacts which they want to be protect and can save them in a separate category, on which they can setup a desired password through which the access will be granted to view them or edit. The app is also equipped with some very much ravishing and attractive wallpapers and themes from which the users can select and set as the app background. The users can also import images from the gallery and can setup on the desired contacts. Spam calls and texts are easily blocked and turn down by this app. It is present on the Google Play store for Android and can be downloaded free of cost from there.

Simpler Contacts & Dialer

Looking for a smart dialer that has the ability in it of managing the phonebook and contacts in a more better and effectual way, than this Simpler Contacts & Dialer is the app that will suits you in all aspects. The app from it’s over all design and outlook seems to be quite simple but being simple is not something that makes it a sluggish or underrated. Rather than its simplicity is its advantage as it captures the users and is convenient for almost every sort of users belonging from any walk of life to use this app with easy and convenience. The app has all the essential tools that are necessary for handling and managing the contacts and all the stuff regarding caller and text IDs. The app already have more than 3,000,000 happy and satisfied users from all around the globe and is getting more of them quite rapidly. This simple yet astounding contact app is equipped with the facilities of adding unlimited new contacts, managing the previous contacts, categorizing the contacts on the basis of users requiems or desire, smart contact search due to which the users can frequently found their desired contacts and can make a call from the dialer or can send text on the go and various other cool features too. The app is quite intelligent and automatically merges all the duplicate and repetitive contacts together. The user can set beautiful themes from the list of 40 alluring themes inserted in the app. It is also free of cost available on the Google Play store.

DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer

DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer is an authoritative and powerful communication app that provides the assistance regarding the comprehensive and complete management of the contacts and phonebook related stuff of the users. The app is said to be the must have app in the smartphones for the users, as it provides immense multiple functionality and fully entertain the users according to his or her own requirements and desires. The app is designed and released as a product of DWP and is a pure quality app in terms of dialing, phone and contact management. The app possess some astounding features in it. The list of such features includes speak caller ID, now the users can just have to say the name and this app will find out that particular contact of the user and will proceed further after getting permission of calling or texting. Searching is way much more easy and tranquil by this app as the users can search the contacts on any of the terms and basis customizly setup the users themselves. Call history is not an issue any more as the app tracks the record of unlimited call log. It supports multiple VoIP and other social media sort of communication apps like Skype, Viber etc. The users can also share their contacts as text, business cards, SMS or even emails.


PureContact is the contacts managing and dialer app that is getting quite viral in the market among the users from all around the world. The app is newly released in the market and upon its release it is quite successful in retaining a solid position in the market and is giving quite tough time to its similar sort of rival apps that are already available in the market from quite a long time and some of them are from quite famous and popular vendors and developers. Daniele Orlando is the developer and publisher of this app for Android. The app possess stream less functionality features and tools in it that makes this app must have app for managing the contacts of the users in their smartphone and that too in a modern and better way. The users can now setup their favorite or frequently used contacts on their home screen as the app provides the facility of setting some alluring widgets. With the easy to use and on the go simple swiping gestures of the app the users can manage the contacts, can customizly search through them, edit the contact, delete the contacts and can add the new one also. The caller IDs and text IDs complete detail is also managed by the app itself. It does not cost a single cent and can be simply be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smartphones.

FullContact Address Book

Missing your old kind of hard address books and phone directories, but want them to be in your hand in a modern touch with some modern and quality based tools, then this the app you should surly consider as it will provides you the same old experience of the traditional phone dairies and address books but with an exciting touch of the modern features. FullContact Address Book is tremendous and outstanding contact managing app that is developed and published by FullContact LCC. The users can now setup customizly all their contacts altogether inside one single place via using this app. No matter a particular contact have how many IDs and belongs from various social media platforms, the users can still manage to collect this all information of their contacts together and can setup all this collectively inside the same contact. Now the users will be able to add complete and in-detail information of their contacts along with their personal profile and images also, all this is done via outstanding features of this very app. The users can import and sync the accounts of their contacts from Gmail and iCloud but there is a limit of maximum 5 accounts can be imported and synchronized. This splendid feature enriched app is free of cost and can be simply downloaded from the Google Play store for free of cost.

True Contacts

True Contacts is another simple yet effective sort of astonishing and bewildering contact managing app that lets its users to manage multiple contacts together at the same time. The app possess the unique and mastery ability of merging and sorting out the copied and duplicate contents that repeats themselves again and again. Although the app is not that much popular and famous among the people from all over the world as there are many other apps in the competition and that too from the famous and big vendor that invest more on the advertisement and marketing of their apps. But the app is really amazing and simple to use, everyone can easily use all its tools which enhances the convenience level of the app. The app is developed and proposed by Ondrej Psencik. It too can be accessed freely from the Google Play store as it is only available for Android based smartphones.

Contacts Ultra

With this pioneer app in terms of contacts managing the users can now track all the record of their contacts, their details and even can manage to monitor the contacts conversations and communication history along with complete and full-fledged detail. This mastery facility is only provided by this amazing app most of the famous and popular contacts managing app does not have such sort of pure quality based dazzling ability. The app possess an alluring and eye catching display that grabs the attention of its users on the very first glance on the app. Some unique features of the app includes that the users of the app now can be aware of such minor details and things that who is in the wait of their reply from their contacts, who didn’t called back or didn’t replied to the users from how long and along with it the users can view the full conversation history that too with the complete details containing the date and time. This amazing app with such unique features is too free of cost available on the Google Play store for Android.

Contacts Optimizer

Contacts Optimizer is another astounding and entrancing contact managing app that is quite intelligent in its nature as it’s automatically manage all the stuff of the users regarding their contacts. This amazing app is developed and proposed under the flag of Compelson Labs and is way alluring and astonishing in its nature of work. The app possess a ravishing and beautiful user interface and over all outlook that surely attracts the users of all kinds towards the app on the very first glance on the app. The app possess the outrageous ability of removing the duplicate contacts and after getting the permission of the users it automatically merges such kind of contacts and delete the rest additional ones. The app is so smart that it can separate the similar contacts that has same kinds of details in it like the similar caller ID or address. The users can now setup the images and insert various other sort of details of its contacts via using some quality based mastery tools of this app. The app has two basic versions the one is free and the other one is the PRO version that is more intelligent and possess some additional tools and premium features in it. Both of these versions are available on the Google Play store and can be downloaded from their for Android based smartphones.

Smart Contact Manager

As the name of the app states, it is a real amazing and smart functionality app that possess various useful and effective tools that are necessary for maintaining and managing the contacts on the smartphones. The users now not need to worry at all even if they lost their phone or their phone is stolen by someone, all of their contacts that are managed via this app are safe and securely present inside the app and the users can get them back by installing the app again on their smartphones using the same Play store id. Another way of getting the contacts back is that setup a backup of the contacts via using this app, this app will keep on updating that backup whenever a contact is added or deleted and will also be notifying its users regarding it. This amazingly talented and marvelous app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for the Android based smartphones and gadgets.