20 Best Dictionary Apps for Android

Ever thought about the class and comprehensiveness of Dictionaries. How a dictionary manage to give us every single meaning of the word or phrase we think of just. Behind the scene there is full-fledged art or we can say technique, via which the dictionaries are developed and are that much knowledge and comprehensive. Lexicography is the technique or the practice of writing, editing, managing and compiling dictionaries. Lexicography is the word derived from two different ancient Greek words Lexikos meaning ‘words’ and grapho means ‘to write’. This lexicography technique is quite old and initially it was started in the pre-historic time. The experts or the persons who research, collect, organize and define the words and work for compilation of a dictionary are known as Lexicographers. The origin of the Dictionaries was from the West Asia. Initially the lists of words were managed for a particular language to preserve the language and make everyone to understand it. The world’s first official dictionary was developed in late 15 century comprising of Latin and English words in it. By then the work done on the dictionary managing was immense and results in development of modern dictionaries. In the age of Information Technology and social media, referring and concerning large books of dictionary again and again is heck of work and time consuming. Most of the people feel irritating to search a word from the vast indexes of dictionary books. There are numerous android smartphones and gadgets based applications which provides complete access to the dictionaries and vast databases. Some best are mentioned here.


Dictionary.com is amazing and complete dictionary app that contains everything in it that should be present in a full-fledged perfect dictionary. The app is developed and published by Dictionary.com, LLC. This app is the most famous dictionary app with more than million active users all around the world and the number is increasing rapidly. The app contains over 2,000,000 words with definitions and along with variety of synonyms and antonyms. The other unique features of the app includes a Translator that provide instant translation in more than 30 different languages. Blog section is present in the app too containing over 800 fascinating blogs on various interesting topics. The best part of the app is that all these features are free of cost to use. It is available on Google Play for Android.

Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

Dictionary – Merriam-Webster is a very extraordinary and pure quality dictionary and thesaurus app. It is developed and published by Merriam-Webster Inc. It is referred as America’s best dictionary and is quite viral all around the globe too. The app is considered because of its immense quality and is quite useful in terms of English language education, references and helps a lot in vocabulary building. The app is the most convenient dictionary app of all as it does not require any internet connection once it is downloaded, all the features can easily be accessed by the users while offline. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play.


Wordnet is another dictionary with complete assistance and offline support. The app is developed and released by Baris Efe. The app is comprised of some amazing and astonishing features due to which it is ranked in the world’s most top rated dictionary apps. It is directly linked with a massive lexical database or we can refer the app itself as lexical database. Other than containing massive variety of words and synonyms the app possess a unique kind of representation system of them. The words in the app are combined into groups or sets of synonyms and are terms as synsets, which are further assisted by to the point general defilations. The app is free of cost and is available on Google Play.

Arcus Dictionary

Arcus Dictionary is a smart and easy to access dictionary app containing thesaurus as well. The app is developed and published by Arcus Computing. The app is rated among the most top dictionary apps worldwide and possess a massive pole of satisfied users which are increasing quite rapidly with time. The app is specially designed so that it can be used, handled and accessed quite easily and conveniently. The app is only 6.2 MB in size and contains more than 165,000 words, definitions and synonyms in it. The best part of the app is that all of its features can be accessed while offline, having such superior quality of data in the size of just 6.2 MB is simply amazing and highly appreciable.


QuickDic is another powerful and bewildering dictionary app that is used by thousands of users all around the globe. Almost of them are quite happy and satisfied with the app and highly recommend it to others. The app is not just a app that provide the access to English language lexical database but possess the unique multi-lingual ability allowing the users to access and learn thousands of words from German language and as well as from Italian at the same time. The app is 9.1 MB in size and is quite simple and easy to use. The user can access to all of its features even in the offline state. The app is free of cost and is present on Google Play for Android based devices and gadgets.


RDict is another powerful dictionary based lexical database app that has a solid build up and catchy outlook. It is developed and published by Ruslan. In real the does not possess its own data base or is not directed with one. It in basic gathers the data from various StarDict dictionaries. The app is quite simple and easy to use, any kind of user can easily operate the app and can access any of the word and their meanings. The app has unique and promising ability of translating variety of different words at the same time. The app provides several different kinds of searching tools and filtering techniques so that the users can easily access to the desired word. The app is free of cost available on Google Play.


English++ is another premium level of dictionary app. It is developed and published by Electronic Dictionary. The best part of app is its multi-lingual support. The users now not need to run after the different kinds of dictionary apps as it contains each and every feature in it and its database covers vast number of words, definitions and their synonyms. The user can enjoy the support of 15 different languages while being connected with the internet and they are Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, German, Greek, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese and Czech. The app can be used offline with complete features. The app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android.

French Dictionary

French Dictionary is the French language dictionary app that possess all the lexical data related with French and even English. The app is developed and published by Livio. The app is widely used by thousands of users either they are French or not. Some use it for learning the French language, some for preparing for exams and some to just increase their knowledge and French vocabulary. French is one of the top demanded language of the world and is quite effective to learn it living France and other European countries. It is the best app for tourists and immigrants planning to visit or shift to France. The app comprise more than 213000 French words, phrases, definitions and different forms of verbs explained in detail.

Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary of English is the most trust-able and best of all rest dictionaries in terms of everything. Now the users can avail the app of Oxford Dictionary to access all the similar premium standard lexical database of the dictionary. The app is developed and published by MobiSystems. The app does not decline the standard set by the Oxford Dictionary and provides best stuff in terms of quality. The app contains very latest and newly added vocabulary too with more than 350,000 words, phrases, references, definitions, meanings and synonyms. Other than this it possess a gigantic variety of words and their sentences that completely defines the meaning of the word and enable the users to understand efficiently and in a better way.

Dictionary – WordWeb

Dictionary – WordWeb is one of the most premium quality dictionary app ever made. The sheer brilliance of the app is assessed by just seeing the vast data and number of words it covers. The app is developed and published by WordWeb Software. The best part of the app rather than being so much comprehensive is that it has most alluring and attractive user interface that readily captures the attention of the users at the very first glimpse towards the app. It contains 285,000 words, phrases and meanings. With more than 70,000 examples and over 225,000 different kinds of definitions, this app is the best app in terms of large variety of data.

Dictionary by Farlex

Dictionary by Farlex is another epic and astonishing dictionary and thesaurus app. It is a collective development of TheFreeDictonary.com and Farlex Inc. The app is of sheer brilliance as it has a direct access and relation with the most comprehensive dictionary of the world. The app does not only have the dictionary of different languages rather than English but also possess the access to the medical, law, IT and various other fields’ dictionaries and vocabularies too. The user can translate multiple languages up to 40 of them at a time via this app. The app is quite simple and retain a powerful setup and buildup that assures its smooth searching and premium level performance. It is free of cost available on Google Play.


Vocabulary.com is an education based dictionary app containing thesaurus and all the other user full tools for learning vocabulary. It is developed and distributed by Vocabulary.com. The main aim of the app is to provide a long time learning facility to its users, so that with the help of this app they can improve their vocabulary and other skills too. There are a lot of different kinds of activities present in the app or we can say various activity based learning modes. The user can choose the desired one for starting the learning process. The step by step learning help the users to lean forward from minors to the majors. The initial start of a regular normal user is from 120,000 various questions that will help the users in learning 12,000 words quite effectively.

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is a unique and interesting sort of dictionary app that possess many new and different things in it as compare to the simple regular dictionaries app. The app is developed and published by Urban Dictionary Inc. The app possess massive variety of different kinds of words, phrases, definitions, meanings, sentences, synonyms etc. The most unique and interesting part of the app is that it supports unofficial words including slang that are used regularly in speaking or while chatting on social media. The user can enter any word even a slang, the app provide its definition to the user and in some cases it also tell about its start. The app is free of cost available on Google Play for Android based devices.

Advanced Offline Dictionary

Advanced Offline Dictionary is very interesting and useful dictionary app that is developed and published by movinApp. The best thing about the dictionary is that it is quite simple and easy to use with a classy outlook, which not only makes this dictionary app quite convenient but attractive too. The app possess more than 290,000 various types detailed definitions, meaning, and possess a fully loaded thesaurus too. The user can now search any word or their requirement by many useful and effective searching tools and filter methods. The app is totally free of cost and the users can access its all features even when offline, it means now no need to be bound of internet anymore. It is present on the Google Play store for Android.

Dictionary Offline Dictionary

Dictionary Offline Dictionary or better known as Dictionary + is another premium level of fascinating and astonishing dictionary and thesaurus app. It is developed and published by Xlabz Technologies Pvt Ltd. This is the most underrated dictionary app of all. It possess such a high profile state and pure bewildering quality. Despite of being that much effective and handy, it is not much popular among the users all around the globe, as most of them are stuck to the big brand names and demolish this alluring and classy app. The app provides immense access to more than 147000 words along with their proper definitions, phrases, sentences, and a complete thesaurus containing thousands of synonyms in it. Not just this, the app also provides a massive variety of many other thesaurus features like the users can look up for the antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms etc.

English Dictionary – Offline

English Dictionary – Offline is another dictionary application with a lot of useful and effective tools that enables the users to learn and search in a better way. The app is developed and published by IronServices.com. The app is already quite popular and famous among the students and other class of users from all over the world, and the number of its loyal customers are immensely increasing with the passage of time. The app comprise of more than 172000 words and their meanings. Along with 180,000 various senses and 49,000 example based sentences that allows the users to understand and learn more effectively. The app is based on the learning purpose, so it more focuses upon the techniques and methods through which a user can learn the best. This involve variety of different word based games and puzzles that enables the users to learn well with entertainment.

Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries is the official dictionary app that is developed and proposed by Oxford University Press (OUP) itself. Although there are many other local kind of apps that provides the access to the lexical database of the Oxford Dictionaries but they surly lack quality as they does not possess anything of their own and sometimes the things are messed up so they are not allowed to access even. But now no need to worry because the world’s most trustable and widely used dictionaries are officially available in a single app. The most promising and inspiring feature of the app is that it provides different modes of searching and learning referred to the English Language. The users can choose between the British English, American English and World English (Contains the kind of English spoken in the most part of the world).

Legal Dictionary

Legal Dictionary is a different kind of dictionary app which is based on specifically law related terms and phrases. The app is developed and published by The Legal Dictionary Inc. The main aim of the vendors of this app are to provide more detailed and specific access to the Law related terms, words and rules. This dictionary app is so easy and simple that it help the young and new comers to the law field that they could learn easily and effectively. It is based on the Black’s Law Dictionary, which is the most trustable and widely used Law Dictionary of all times worldwide. It was developed by Henry Campbell Black. It is used for the reference in most American courts and is recommended for solicitors too. The app access the data base of this very dictionary, which makes the app trustworthy and effective.


ColorDict is a solid and easy to use convenient English Language based dictionary app that is developed and published by Notes.This dictionary app does not possess its own data base and not even can be used in offline mode. Despite of all these draw backs, still it is quite useful and effective and is used widely by the people all around the different parts of the world. It is the most efficient and quick dictionary app that allows the users to search and access their desired word or phrase in no time. It provides the access to variety of different kinds of databases so that the user can get the most appropriate result. The users of the app can search words from Wikipedia, Wordnet and StarDict dictionaries, which makes this app the vast of all other similar kind of dictionary apps.

Medical Dictionary

Medical Dictionary is premium quality dictionary app containing all the stuff relating to the medical field and drugs. The app is developed and published by MobMedics. The app is quite handy and useful for the medical students, practitioners, doctors, biologists, and even for the regular users too. The app contains each and everything regarding the medical field, whether it is a disease, condition, medicine or drug. There are more than 40,000 definitions in this app all concerned with the medical field. The app on the user end is highly customizable and provides the facility of adding new words and terms. The users can manage their own data base as they want to manage. The app is free of cost and is available on Google Play store.