5 Best Free Jigsaw Puzzle Maker for Windows

Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the best ways of recreation as it trains your mind while you are still enjoying a game. These puzzles are so viral now that even adults also play them on many occasions by setting many challenges on them. The game is equally beneficial for both the kids and the adults as it is available in various difficulties. For kids, the pieces of the puzzle are set to minimum so that they can solve the puzzle easily while enjoying it too and for adults, the pieces can be as much as 64,000 for a puzzle and this number of parts is never natural for a person to solve, so it’s also a challenge for Jigsaw lovers also. At the same time, while you are playing and enjoying the game, you are also training your mind to adapt to changes and increasing its problem-solving capabilities. The harder the level, the more you learn. We have provided you with some of the applications which let you play and even create your own jigsaw puzzles in a matter of clicks. You can create Jigsaws from your own images, or you can play preexisting jigsaws in the software quickly.


Magic Jigsaw Puzzle

Magic Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the best free Jigsaw Puzzle software. It is totally free and supports Microsoft Windows 10. It has about 20,000 Images which has been taken from National Geographic, Sony Pictures and Cartoon Network in high quality available in Jigsaw Puzzle form ready to be solved. Extensionally, you can create your own Jigsaw Puzzle in it by selecting any of your Picture and just make a little difficulty settings. It also has five difficulty level starting from beginner to master. It is suitable for both kids and adults as it features various difficulty levels.

Astra Gift Maker

Astra Gift Maker is a free tool for creating stand-alone jigsaw puzzles out of arbitrary images. Creating a jigsaw puzzle is as easy as opening a file from your computer, you just have to select the image, set the number of required pieces and click, your jigsaw is ready. The file created in it is saved in .exe format, and you can send the file to any one and they will be able to open and play it without need of any additional software. This is a freeware and the link to download is given.

Everyday Jigsaw

Everyday Jigsaw is an adequate software for creating and playing Jigsaw Puzzles. The software is updated daily, and each update comes with some new puzzles to be solved. Also, you can create your own jigsaw puzzles from many existing images you have, just set the required number of pieces and some more difficulty settings like rotation, and you’re ready to go. With the ghost Image feature, you can keep track of the puzzle you are making so you don’t mess it up and finish it in a Great time. This is a freeware readily available on its official website.

Jigsaw Glore

Jigsaw Glore is a paid software which is worth its price. The software allows you to create jigsaw puzzles ranging from 4 to 64,000 pieces with different variations like shape, texture and piece rotation. The software has a magnifying function for really small pieces and a ghost image function to help you solve your puzzle. However, software the software also comes in a free version for a try, and it supports any PC running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. Both versions are available on the official website and can be quickly downloaded.

Big Jig

Big Jig is an application for real Jigsaw puzzle lovers. It has a feature which lets you create high definition big jigsaw puzzles with more pieces, and it gives a real adventure to those lovers. You can create Jigsaw Puzzles from any Picture you have by setting the required pieces to any difficult settings you want. It has eight supported shapes and a feature to make pieces of edgeless which makes it very difficult to solve a puzzle. So if you’re looking for a thrill, go for this software. The software extensively supports all Microsoft Windows Versions and is very lightweight to be able to run even on old generation PC’s.