15 Best Free PDF Editor

Mostly Professionals work on PDF documents and sometimes they have to alter some text or images of these PDF documents. an additional software is necessary to make some changes in PDF documents and this software is called PDF Editor. A PDF editing software has aimed to change the text of PDF file, modify PDF file and edit PDF file in the fast and quick way. PDF editing software can merge many PDF documents into a single document or split a single PDF document to many PDF documents.


Magic PDF Editor

Magic PDF Editor is a powerful and lightweight tool to edit PDF files easily and convert them in any format. This easy to use application facilitate the user to view PDF documents and make some modifications to them. This software is helpful for both novices and experienced individuals. Magic PDF Editor has clean and simple to navigate interface which allows you to import PDF document by using the file browser because “drag and drop” option is not available. Moreover, you have the option to use a search function, change the viewing mode, zoom in and out, move or resize elements, as well as insert, edit, move, or delete images and text. It is a very helpful application which allows the user to add headers, footers, sticker notes, and attachments, as well as convert documents such as DOC to PDF, PDF to DOC, XLS to PDF, and PDF to the image. A moderate to high amount of system resources are necessary to run this application and has a fair response time. The application supports two languages for the interface, English, and French. It does not have a tool to convert some special characters which are part of some other languages besides English.

VeryPDF PDF Editor

VeryPDF PDF Editor is a PDF editing application having the aim to edit PDF files, modify PDF file and change the text of PDF file. It is an advanced application that facilitates you to view and edit files. Moreover, you can export them to BMP, JPG or TXT formats. If you want to add a text line after an image then it enables you to remove the image completely or by move it onto the next page. The application contains intuitive and easy to use interface which enables you to fill forms or modify links, edit comments and content with a single click. The major benefit of working with VeryPDF PDF Editor is that it can work with many other formats, it manages to create new PDF files and to export them with a different extension. Furthermore, the user has the ability to create a PDF file from images, Word or Excel files as well as he can export PDF content to any of these formats. The user has the option to insert new photos, text boxes, notes, and even draw with simple tools. Overall, it is handful application that is more effective for viewing and editing PDF files.

Free PDF Editor

Free PDF Editor is a handy and portable software application that enables you to insert and edit text messages, images or shapes. This lightweight window application provides you the opportunity to create PDF files with the help of custom geometrical shapes, text messages, and images. You can copy this program to any USBH and take it with anywhere to generate PDFs from scratch on the breeze. The interface of Free PDF Editor is intuitive and user-friendly which allows the user to insert text, rectangles, ellipses, and images of different formats such as GIF, JPG, PNG, ICO, BMP etc. moreover, the user can change text font and alignment, color, and font size, as well as he can choose border color, width, and style. The application has some features that help you to add or delete a page, and configure page options such as margin top, left, right and bottom, width and height. The user has the option to change document preferences just like the title, author, keyword, subject, date of creation and modification, and page layout. Furthermore, the user can change page layouts such as single page, one column or two columns and page modes just like none, outlines, thumbs or full screen.


CAD-KAS PDF Editor is a PDF editing application that enables the user to edit PDF files by correcting, highlighting and underlining the text, encrypt the document, as well change the order of pages or delete them. This application is helpful to view and edit content in PDF document. The application’s interface has an Explorer-based layout. But, the toolbar menu is a bit cluttered. CAD-KAS PDF Editor is providing basic graphic editing tools just like brush, ellipse, circle, rectangle, square, lines, arrow, table, color picker, bucket fill, and others. So you have the possibility to edit the file, remove separation characters, replace and delete it by double-clicking the text. In addition, it enables you to use a search function, copy text, rotate, flip, mirror, bring it to the front or back, skew or align it, and ungroup vector objects. The user can insert annotations, forms, pictures and vector text to PDF files. Plus, he can add, extract or delete pages, split the PDF document into equal files, create and organize bookmarks, remove duplicate pages, edit document properties, change the page size, assign a password, export the PDF as TXT, RTF or image file, and more. The application uses a few system resources and allows the user to choose preferred language.

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is a straightforward and advanced application that facilitate the user to edit PDF files by adding text, graphics, and images, merging and splitting text, and applying photo editing tools. It is quite easy to user software because you can open a PDF file by using the file explorer or via the drag and drop method. To edit text, you have to choose individual pieces so it does not need to edit the whole content of a page without working on each piece of text. The application enables the user to view and edit properties for each chosen text just like value, character and world spacing, text mode, horizontal scale, font style and size, shear, rotation, scale, clipping, fill, and stroke color. Furthermore, he can easily modify the text by double-clicking on it. You have the possibility to add new text, graphics, and images, align objects, merge and split text, and change the page layout. Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is offering many image editing options such as a magic wand, dodge and burn, eyedropper, clone stamp, spot healing brush, and others. It allows the user to apply marvelous filters just like dodge, softness, vivify, sharpen, convex and binarize. Moreover, he can import and export PDF files because Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is also a PDF joiner and splitter.

Master PDF Editor

Master PDF Editor is lightweight and easy to use a software program that allows the user to view and edit PDF files, add text boxes, images, and other elements. Master PDF Editor is providing plain and simple for a navigating interface which enables you to import PDF files through the browser only because drag and drop option is not a part of it. So it facilitates the user to insert text, links, images, list boxes and buttons. Furthermore, he can zoom in and out, and enlarge or reduce page thumbnails. You have the option to go to the first, last, next or previous page, export pages to the image, add sticky notes, highlight or underline text as well as import and extract PDF pages. In addition, you can view files properties, set bookmarks, add attachments, use the cut, copy and paste tools, bring objects to front or send them to back, disable the status bar, delete pages or insert blank one, and more. This handy application works on a moderate amount of system resources and has a good response time. Moreover, you can get complete help file with snapshots online.

PDFCool PDF Editor

PDFCool PDF Editor is a straightforward and handy application that is useful to add, delete and change the text in PDF documents. It is a special software solution for your help to handle PDF files. The software program is providing many useful tools for editing and converting PDFs. The application interface is user-friendly and intuitive, and you should be able to master this software in no time. The interface has a clean layout and well-organized options which are easy to use for both beginners and professionals. You can use this program to convert PDFs to other file formats just like Word, CSV, Excel, and others. This cool is also offering “drag and drop” option. The user has the facility to create PDFs from printable documents and extracts the text in a PDF file by saving the new files as DOC, plain text or Excel/CSV. Moreover, he can extract images and save them separately. PDFCool PDF Editor has editing options to change font style and colors for a chosen text and adding or removing text in a PDF file. “Page Selector” is an outstanding feature of the application that enables you to choose specific pages from their documents, cut or sent to the batch processor. Batch processor facilitates you to create many PDFs with the selected files.

PDF Editor

PDF Editor is lightweight and easy to use software application that enables you to insert text into existing PDF files with the help of limited features and simple layout. It works without installation and it is possible to move PDF Editor to a USB flash disk or another storage unit. The application contains a single window interface and its layout has been divided into two panels, one for showing PDF content and the other for viewing text properties. You can import files to it using only the file browser because drag and drop option is not a part of it. Major text properties of PDF Editor are the transformation value, font, position, size, fill and stroke colors for each item in the document. Moreover, you can edit documents properties, zoom in and out of pages, as well as view the PDF source in a simple text document. To insert extra information into the content, the user can click the dialog button, choose the font name, size, and emphasis mode, as well as write the text in question in allocated dialog.

Nitro Reader

Nitro Reader is a software application that enables the user to view and edit PDF files in a user-friendly environment. The application offers to set up a plugin for your web browsers during installation which allows you to view PDF documents directly without downloading them. It has a simple and intuitive interface and the user can open a PDF document by using file browser or the “drag and drop” option. The application provides you the ability to view file properties, save text as a flattened PDF, create digital IDs, as well as print it or email it as a PDF attachment. Furthermore, you can zoom in and out, fit the page, use a hand tool to move easily and rotate the view as well as use a selection tool for graphics, text, and snapshots.  The user has the facility to add notes and markup text, type text and stamp a copy of his handwritten signature on the page.


pdfEdit995 is a suite of tools which allows the user to publish documents, merge documents, insert bookmark and link, convert PDF to other formats and more. The application enables you to create links, perform automatic attachment of PDF files to your outgoing emails, bookmark pages or combine as many documents as you require to create one PDF file. In addition, you have the option to optimize your documents for web viewing or decrease their size by compressing them. You have a rotating option for obtaining landscape pages when you are working with spreadsheets or presentation slides. It allows the user to create stationery just like letterheads, embossing or backgrounds. The user can also integrate it with Microsoft Word application to transfer the links and table of contents. While the auto naming option is helpful to quickly save the work with predefined name schemes.

ePapyrus PDF-Pro

ePapyrus PDF-Pro is an affordable and fast PDF editor which allows you to create, edit and comment your PDF files in a fast and quick way. It also works as a nice printer under Windows environment. It is also useful to convert DjVu documents to PDF. Moreover, ePapyrus PDF-Pro supports functionality to underline, strikeout, and highlight text in PDF documents. It provides you the facility to add sticky notes anywhere within PDF document. The user can put stamps on his PDF documents and he can also create his own stamp images. ePapyrus PDF-Pro also works as Page Organizer which facilitates the user to merge multiple PDF documents into one PDF document or split one into multiple PDF documents. ePapyrus PDF-Pro is a lightweight software and 30% faster than any other PDF software.


BRISS is a straightforward and easy to use software application that enables the user to view PDF files or crop some parts of a document to remove blank spaces. The overall design of BRISS is difficult to use at first. The interface of BRISS is rather confusing and you need to practice with the page selection screen. The BRISS allows you to chop down text by dragging the mouse over the interesting area. Furthermore, you can draw many rectangles, each creating an allocated page in the new document. You have to load a file if you want to take advantage of available features. A dialogue screen of BRISS asks the user to input the pages to be excluded from the process, rather than giving him access to the whole document. Overall, BRISS only manages to do half the job done.


AbleWord is an intuitive text editor that enables the user to create professional-looking documents, with embedded images, tables, and text frames. The major advantage is that it contains the range of formats that you can export your documents in. means you can save your text in PDF or HTML format. The interface of AbleWord is similar to any text editor, offering quick and fast access for formatting option documents preview and page setup. Furthermore, the application is containing all the basic editing tools such as basic editing tools, spell checking, formatting options, page numbering, word count, paragraphs, text styles, headers, and footers. You have the option to create and edit the content of a table, with as many rows and columns as you require. In addition, you can set the page layout, add borders to your documents, and resize the header and footer sections. AbleWord is a unique and intuitive text editor.


PDFTools is a handy and lightweight management application that is useful for encrypting, decrypting, splitting, joining, stamping, and rearranging a PDF file. The application works without the installation. PDFTools contains a simple and easy to navigate interface which allows you to encrypt a PDF file, chose the encryption strength, and set allowed permissions such as screen reader, assembly, printing, and modify content. Furthermore, you have the option to decrypt and merge PDFs, rearrange them, stamp a PDF with an image or text and create a PDF document from XML. This simple to use application works with a moderate amount of system resources and has a very good response time. The interface of the application is not appealing and requires some major improvements.

Advanced PDF Utilities Free

Advanced PDF Utilities Free is an interesting PDF editing software application that includes many handful tools for PDF documents. The options are present on separate toolbars and the user can move from one to another by clicking navigation tabs. The user has the option to load and view PDF documents, save them and alter their properties. Furthermore, he can convert loaded document to an image or text file by selecting options from different toolbars. You can export the PDF as text by selecting a page range and choosing the plain text or MS DOC option. In addition, you have the facility to load an image or a PDF file under a different tab to extract the text. After extracting the text, you can edit it quickly.