15 Best Speed Tracker Apps for Android

This universe is filled with a lot of individuals that become frustrated when going somewhere and does not know the exact location, the distance that their destiny contains, the speed limits of their upcoming journey and other related stuff regarding their trips or something. For this motive, they want an assistant and guider that helps them track their paths, roads, motorways, under paths, and other tracks with robust accuracy and ease. Rather than this, it also enables you to capture your paths for going in the right directions and grab many other superb quality and facilitating features for providing maximum ease for the users to go to their desired places. So for the sake of these conditions, there are millions of applications that are available in the market which helps you makes your destiny, track your minimum, average, and maximum speed which that particular road offers and much more. These speed tracking apps used your mobile phone GPS approach for delivering their service, and some of them work offline. These apps are developed gorgeously that does not compromise the accuracy of the distance that you have covered. All these matters are sort out under these applications that not only tracks your speed but even stay you protected from some major accidents by live and real-time notification.


GPS Speedometer and Odometer

GPS Speedometer and Odometer is an Android app that is used for measuring the speed of bikes and cars for the real time integration. It is probably the best app for speed measurement of your vehicles, along with easy to use speedometer. This car and bike speedometer app even works in offline mode without any internet connection. This app hardly takes 20 seconds to connect you to GPS, provides the accuracy of almost 98 percent, and it not only shows current speed it also provides a detailed description of average and maximum speed, distance, and any trip time taken by you.

Speed Tracker Free

Speed Tracker Free is the unique and elegant combination of trip computer and speedometer in one solution. It efficient measures some amazing factors including the speed that you have covered, the distance that you have enclosed, the distance from your work place to home, share your trips with relatives and friends, and much more. It delivers a classy analog speedometer with a realistic look, clear and crisp, a perfect design with an attractive dial scale. Its Trip Computer feature includes tracking and displaying your important trips in the real-time. Rather than this, it offers a built-in GPS location, HUD (Head-up Display), Trio Log, and is optimized for tablets.

GPS Speedometer (No Ads)

GPS Speedometer (No Ads) is an exciting new speed detecting app that efficiently manages your speed and provides a distinct information about your automobiles, and vehicles. It provides a huge amount of attractive sports car themed speedometer. It also provides integration with GPS and lets you access an easy to use dashboard experience. There are tons of important functions and features of this app which includes five themes (including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lexus, Porsche, and Camaro, etc.), built-in compass, speed trip efficiency, and HUD (Head-Up Display) mode for the better understanding and approach to this app.

DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD Speedometer is a free GPS Speedometer that efficiently enables you to measure useful speed and distance that you covered on your vehicle for your journey. There are tons of interesting tools and features of this app that provides classy stuff for determining your speed. It offers a fully-integrated and informed display that delivers the options of Current, average, and maximum speed, three trip distance counters, Compass, current time, Digit color changes, battery levels, and satellite lock status icon, etc. Its DigiHUD provides the features of Lite mode, HUD mode, reset and some others.


SpeedView is a speedometer app with high accuracy. It is a GPS-based speedometer that is more accurate and efficient in its working criteria. There are tons of great providence of this app that includes a Linear compass, HUD mode, Speed Graph, speed warnings, maximum, minimum and average speed, and much more. It is an advanced application that use the phone’s GPS system to show the details about speeds as well as directions that help you approach your exact location on exact time. There are tons of amazing features of this app that is very suitable for car driving, running, hiking, or biking. It also supports Display units, GSX track report, current rapidity warnings, and background mode.

Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse Speedometer is an ultimate advanced app that efficiently provides a high precision GPS speedometer which not only displays the current speed in both analog and digital form but also packed with some other exciting features for the users. It has a never-ending list of features that includes Overlays, Trip Computer, Track recorder and even you can make multiple profiles for every bike, car, skiing, biking, Velo, and other vehicles. It also provides a racing meter, average or high-speed indication or alert, maximum speed display, a Head-Up Display (HUD), GPS Altimeter, GPS Compass, and much more.

Speedometer GPS

Speedometer GPS is a stunning app that lets you track your speed, distance, location, time, etc. Using this Speedometer app, you can easily manage your starting time, elapsed, average, and maximum time with altitude as well. It is a gorgeous looking app with an easy to use interface that enables you to measure almost all aspects that you want to measure. Some of its core features include Saving your track information, Switching between car speed and bicycle odometer, and lets you measure in mph, km/h, and kmph as well. Except these, it also provides speed chart, map integration, getting your location, and displays satellites status in a really cool way.


The speedometer is another app that provides digital details related to your speed, and distance, etc. there are many stimulating features of this app along with a striking user interface. It provides an easy to read display, available in both portable and landscape mode, provides minimum, average, and max speed, offers Odometer or trip meter, and lets you measure your output in different formats including KPH or MPH. It is exactly the complementary tool that you need to measure whatever you want.

DS Speedometer

DS Speedometer provides an accurate High-performance speedometer that enables you to measure your speed with robust efficiency and amazing interface. It has many amazing and unique features that include Night HUD mode, Speed alarms (that indicates you when you drive with exceed speed), and allows you avoid speeding and lets you drive safely. It provides a free route recorder and built-in trip recorder that enables you map and get statistics for all trips. This attractive speedometer also provides background odometer, and digital or pre-digital-era drum style odometers as well.

My Speed Meter

My Speed Meter is another that has efficiently transformed your mobile phone devices into a speedometer and lets you measure your speed with amazing exactitude. Some of its core features include Current speed, max speed, and over speed detection, Analogue and Digital display support, two measuring units like kmph, or mph, Themes with different colors, and much more. It also lets you customize sound and vibrate settings, score loop massive integration, and user defined speed for vibrate and sound notification approach. It also detects your running speed as well and ensures your healthy activities in a great way.

Location and Speed Tracker

Location and Speed Tracker is a GPS-based two in one solution for smart phone devices for tracking your speed. It is a digital speed tracker that enables you to track your speed with energy efficiency and more accurately and you can also share your records with your friends on some social media platforms. It is a great tool for recording your speed with extreme accuracy provided by both GPS and Network. It automatically tracks and records your speed by consuming a little battery power. It has some elegant features that ensure the precision as compared to some other applications.

India Speed Post Tracker

India Speed Post Tracker is an app used in India that provides Speed post status easily. There are tons of amazing and interesting features of this app that enables you to track consignments, post offers search, speed post calculator, saving, schemes, agents login panel, recruitment, and much more. It lets you know your sped post status, track your complaint, holiday list, download forums, recruitments, services, tenders, and lets you search and buy Stamps online. You can discover the status for both domestic and international posts easily and quickly have this app on your mobile phone.

Vision HUD

Vision HUD is another app that effectively detects the speed so that you can easily measure the rapidity of whatever vehicle that you use. It captures GPS data from your device to calculate instantaneous speediness with robust accuracy and precision. It informs you about your current, and the maximum speed that you are up to, and is not only useful but perfect for individuals that want to give their cars a bit extraordinary, sportive, stylish and high-tech look. It provides many themes that attract users, delivers lots of skins and colors, and has speed limit alarm as well for the surety of your protection.


Agryd is an app that delivers superb quality features including speed tracking, locations reminders, friend location finder, and numerous other things in this astonishing tool for mobile phone devices. There are many marvelous facts of this app that is appreciated by the users from all over the world. Rather than these, it also enables text chatting, image, audio, video and some other multimedia stuff sharing. It also tends to add the feature of free calling after some time. Except speed tracking, it is a sort of social networking app with many amazing and startling features for its users.

GPS Safe Driving Tracker

GPS Safe Driving Tracker is a great app that enables you to drive safely by providing tons of features. It is a unique digital speedometer application that enables its users to control the speed of their vehicle. You just have to set speed limits before the journey starts, and after reaching that particular speed limit, this app automatically locks your device and also alerts you with speech options. As your speed slows down it automatically convert your mobile phone back to its original or unlock condition. This is a great app that is created for ensuring your safety by helping you get alerted and stay you safe from accidents.