10 Best Weather Apps for Android

The global changes in the earth’s atmosphere such as Global warming have sworn impact on the unconventional weather changes. Although it was not an easy job to be aware of the weather at any previous times but now due to the leaping success of information technology various efficient forecasting methods are introduced by the help of which the future weather can be predicted to a much accurate extent. Earlier everyone has to be stuck to the TV and have to watch the whole news bulletin for seeing the weather forecasts and details of climatic conditions from all around the globe. Later the internet becomes the utmost demanding mean of getting weather updates. But despite of being quick, accurate and efficient it was still not able to full fill the exact desires and requirements of the users as the weather started being so much unconventional and unpredictable. It is sunny in the noon but after an hour or it catches a blistering rain with heavily blown wind. But now the users not need to worry as they can get real time and live weather changing updates directly on their Smartphone and other hand held gadgets. A gigantic variety of weather apps are available for the Android users and best of such apps are mentioned here.

1. Eye In Sky Weather


Eye In Sky Weather is an alluring and different kind of weather forecasting app that is although not that much precise and forecasts in real time but is best for those who want a good and complete weather app with easy to use interface and simple outlook and the display. The app is developed and released by Tim Clark – Clark IT Consultancy. The app does not possess its own data base and access the data directly from the weather stations around the world and keep its users aware of the weather and changing climatic condition. The app includes a widget based clock inside it too that makes this app two in one; along with the weather details the users of this app can enjoy the dash clock also. The most prominent feature of the app is that it is highly customizable and user friendly. It is present for free on Google Play for Android.

2. 1 Weather: Widget Forecast Radar


It is one of the most famous and most widely used weather forecasting and other important climatic information containing app. 1 Weather is developed and published under the flag of OneLouder Apps. This weather app possess every single weather detail and ensure to notify its users whenever there is even a slight change in the climatic conditions. The app works on the location basis of the Smartphone and directly gathers the data regarding the particular location of the user via GPS navigation system. The app keeps its users aware of the changes in the temperature, wind speed, visibility, humidity level, UV index, Dew point, percentage of precipitation and barometric pressure. The app is complete weather forecasting app that has additional features too and simply an extraordinary master piece. It is freely present on Google Play for Android.

3. AccuWeather


Due to immediate changes and fluctuations in the weather nowadays, a person cannot simply rely on the long term weather forecast as the chances of sudden climate changes are increased to hell. That’s why this is the weather app that every person should have in their smart phones and other hand held gadgets so that they can be aware of frequent changes in the weather and avoids any kind of inconvenience which they could face due to the unfavorable weather conditions. This amazing and bewildering weather app let the users to be aware of abrupt changes in the climatic conditions and provide them minute by minute real time forecast regarding the unconventional weather. It is one of the widely used weather app and is ranked among the top weather apps of all times. The best part of the app is referred to its super convenience level, as it supports 33 languages of the world and suits almost every individual belonging from anywhere all around the Globe. Although the app is free of cost but for some of the additional premium features the users have to pay. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

4. Google Now


If don’t have a specific weather forecasting or climate detailing app, even then there is not a big issue for the Android Smartphone and tablets users as they have built-in and complete weather detailing and other tasking performing personal assistant app. Google Now is the digital assistant app that is pre-installed on all the devices that are working on Android operating system. The users just have to say “OK Google” and then have to give the command to the Google whether you want listen or see the current news, the weather forecasts and update, want to search something or even finding your other gadgets. For best and more accurate results the users are said to use the app more and more. The more they use Google Now the more it gets accurate and familiar to the users desires and requirements. It is another master product of Google Inc and is already installed on the android operating devices. If not it too can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

5. GO Weather Forecast & Widget


GO Weather Forecast & Widget is one of the most famous and popular weather forecasting, app launching, widget setting and wallpaper app that possess multiple functionality and utter smartness in it. With more than 50 millions of downloads it is one of the most top rated and highly ranked weather and widget app of all times. It is developed and proposed as a product of famous and well reputed GO Dev Team X. The vendors have many other top apps on their name such as the Go launcher app and many more quality apps too. It is the all in one kind of weather app that shows the weather forecast, climate detail, possesses the widget support, contains a digital clock with alarm and a gigantic variety of alluring and ravishing wallpapers. It is completely free of cost and can be simply downloaded from Google Play Store for Android.

6. Weather Underground


Weather Underground is termed as one of the most accurate and exact weather forecasting and telling about the detailed climatic changes. The app is quite powerful and is directly in link with worlds most trusted weather channels and weather stations and gathers the weather data from them in the real time so that it can readily and instantly notify its users of the weather. This weather app is so much initiative and quick in terms of brilliant working performance as it updates the weather in quick real time and enables the users to be aware of long term and short term forecasting as well. Minute by minute, hourly updates, weekly and monthly all sorts of weather forecasting schemes are available in the app. It is also free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android.

7. Yahoo Weather


It is another master product and bewildering app proposed and developed by Yahoo Inc. It is one of their master pieces and is ranked among the best and top products of Google. The app possess an astonishing and alluring outlook and the powerful setup which not only assure its premium smooth performance but also makes it one of the most attractive weather app. It possesses bunch of ravishing and appealing photos that exactly suits the current weather condition, and time of the day of the user’s environment based on their location via GPS navigation. The app contains variety of different effective and useful features and provides 10 day and 24 hours temperature forecast and detail too. Other features include the ratio of wind speed and proper check detail of humidity too. The app is too free of cost and is present on the Google Play store for Android based devices and gadgets.

8. Precise Weather YoWindow


It is another quality based premium kind of weather forecasting and climate information giving app that is specially designed for the most accurate and precise weather updates and that too in the real time. Precise Weather app that is famous as YoWindow or YoWeather app is developed and published by Repkasoft. It was not at its best when it was initially released but later after the introduction of live wallpapers and alluring themes, this app become a mesmerizing weather app and was widely downloaded and used by the people from all over the globe. The best and most prominent feature of the app is its beautiful and pleasant living landscape themes and wallpapers which are automatically set according to the weather forecast and conditions that are shown by the app based on GPS navigation location system. This amazing and bewildering weather forecasting and widget app is free of cost present on Google Play and supports all the Android based smart devices and gadgets.

9. WeatherBug – Forecast & Radar


Don’t go one the name of the app as it seems to be a bit weird as bugs in anything are not considered as a good sign, but beside of its name this is really quality based premium kind of weather detailing and climate forecasting app that provides accurate and precise weather detail and that too on the rapid real time basis. The app is designed and proposed by the Earth Networks. Although the vendor of the app is not that much famous and known but due to the sheer brilliance and utter smartness of the app it is used by thousands of users from all around the globe and is still counting for more and more. The best part of the app is that its heat based real time interactive radar map system which represent the real time and long term weather forecast data in a much better way that is easy to learn and understand. It is also freely present on Google Play for Android.

10. The Weather Channel


It is one of the most accurate and widely used weather forecasting app that is extensively used all around the globe by every sort of users living at any place. The app is also the most recommended one as it gathers and receives the data directly from the well known weather stations that are highly accurate and accepted worldwide. The users of the app can set up their own forecasting, whether they want minute by minute update of the weather conditions or hourly or even 15 day long term forecast too. The app possesses a graceful and ravishing outlook and the setup which appeals the users and grabs the attentions of its users at the very first glimpse. Dynamic Home screen setting of the app automatically changes the home screen according to the changes going on in the weather conditions and temperature. Other additional and exciting features that are quite rarely seen in other weather apps are the rainfall updates and notifications and the pollen alert based on the pollen season. This tremendous weather app is although free of cost but for some additional features the users have to pay. It is also present on Google Play Store.